My family moved to Australia when I was very young and I grew up in a neighbourhood where there were not many other Chinese or asian families. This was a time when the mix of cultures was not as wide as it is today. At the time, it felt like two different worlds to me because at home I was living a more traditional Chinese life which seemed to contrast with the freedom or more modern approach in western society that I saw my friends living. I liked different parts of both worlds but I found it a challenge to balance them in my daily life.

I grew up with a sense of not really feeling like I fit in anywhere – on the one hand, I wanted to break free of the restrictions I felt from the Chinese culture but then I also appreciated many of the Chinese traditions which didn’t seem to fit in with western society. This feeling of not fitting in was one that I became familiar with over the years in various areas of my life.

Over time, I learnt that trying to change myself to feel accepted didn’t work for me whether it was culturally, in the workplace or with friends. Trying to do so made me feel unhappy and like a fraud. As a result I had to find my own path, my own midway point that worked for me even though it went against other people’s beliefs or desires.

Having found a way of life that works for me I feel more at peace and happy within myself than I have ever felt before. This means paying attention to and taking care of my mind, body and spirit as well as my heart. It is a constant and evolving journey and one that I’m sure will continue to provide more opportunities for growth and learning along the way.

My desire is to help you on the path towards wholeness and deeper happiness within. To focus on helping you to take back your power to create the life that you really want. By becoming more conscious of yourself and your true desires, you will be able to live a more fulfilling life that is joyful and connected with who you really are.

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