You may be wondering what holistic coaching actually is. As a holistic coach I focus on helping you in a way that works with your mind, body and spirit. Rather than looking at the problem or issue that you are experiencing in isolation, we look at different parts of your life to get a clearer understanding of what the deeper issue is. Using this approach, we discuss the issue/s that you bring to each session and work together to create a set of actions to move you forward towards your goal.

As mentioned in My Approach, I like to deal with the root of the problem rather than the symptoms that may be showing up in your life. In this way we can work on creating a permanent solution to the issue that has presented itself and move you towards the life that you really desire.

  • These sessions are available in individual 60-minute sessions or in a package of 6 x 60-minute sessions. I have found that clients benefit from committing to a series of sessions as we can really get into the detail of the issue and discuss any other concerns that surround this.
  • The sessions can be carried out via skype or face to face sessions.
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