My Approach

I worked in the corporate world for over 18 years in various finance roles in different global organisations such as Ernst & Young, Aviva, UBS, RBS, Mars etc and it has given me an appreciation of the challenges and difficulties that people face in the work environment. Fortunately for me it has also provided me with many opportunities to coach people and help them to resolve difficulties that they were facing. It was one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

I completed my formal coaching qualifications in 2008 and in the early years it formed a solid foundation for me to coach others. Since then I have developed my own way of working which is more intuitive. It allows my client and I to explore the deeper beliefs that have formed from experiences growing up. I also use tools that I have gathered on my journey which include TFT, reiki and conscious breathing techniques to name a few.

When I first meet a client, I like to spend time getting an overall understanding of what they want help with. We then work on specific objectives or outcomes that they would like to achieve in each session. Sometimes clients like to deal with a specific issue and sometimes they simply need to talk through a situation to gain an objective perspective.

Each time we meet I work with what you have brought to the session but at the same time we are discovering the underlying issues at play. Clients usually come to me with an array of symptoms of their core issue and I like to help my clients get to that core so that we can uncover a permanent solution rather than simply creating a temporary fix.

It is truly rewarding when clients realise that their beliefs (for example formed in childhood) have helped to create their present situation and that they have the power to change it and create a completely new way of approaching issues and consequently moving their lives forward.

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